Sunday, January 3, 2016

Standing Up Against the Federal Government Peacefully

The leftist media want you to believe that the Bureau of Land Management protest at a Wildlife Refugee in Oregon is domestic terrorism. It is far from it.

From the New York Times Tabloid Journalism:

" A building at the refuge seized on Saturday afternoon by the group houses the offices of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, and is operated by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, about 30 miles southeast of Burns, in Harney County. A representative of the Fish and Wildlife Service said the agency was monitoring the situation. “While the situation is ongoing, the main concern is employee safety and we can confirm that no federal staff were in the building at the time of the initial incident,” the press officer said. " -End Quote

The protest is against the ruling for two ranchers. The ranchers, Dwight Hammond, 73, and Steven Hammond, 46, said they had lit the fires in 2001 and 2006 to reduce the growth of invasive plants and to protect their property from wildfires. The two were convicted of arson three years ago and served time — the father three months, the son one year. But a judge ruled that their terms had been too short under federal law and ordered them back to prison for about four years each.

A federal building seized with no employees present. Occupied basically to protest peacefully. How is this any different then the mainstream media cheering for the occupy Wall Street movement? They were documented breaking the law countless times yet they were supported by the mainstream leftist media. In Wisconsin protesters occupied the capitol building to protest Scott Walker and the leftist media cheered. Even in the U.S Capitol building illegal aliens occupied offices and the media cheered. Looting and violence in Baltimore and Ferguson the media supported. So how is this any different? Why are they saying it is domestic terrorism when it clearly isn't. It is the rights of citizens to protest peacefully. 

Even the leftist hypocritical ACLU deems your right to protest peacefully in these situations.

Know your rights from the ACLU

What is disgraceful is the mainstream leftist media's handling of the situation. This is a peaceful protest for one to oppose the ruling against injustice for protecting your own land and two to protest BLM for the continual Federal land grabbing of private land. Yes some of the protesters are armed but Oregon is an open carry state and not one act of violence has occurred. This is called patriotism unlike the violent protesting in Baltimore, Ferguson, and the Occupy movement with murder, rape, looting, arson, and violence in general.

The mainstream leftist media wants the low information crowd to see domestic terrorism to further push gun control and federal agendas. With the leftist media twisting this to their narrative they can go after the NRA, law biding citizens, and right wing protesters.

If leftist can occupy federal buildings for their gain why can't law biding citizens conducting peaceful protest?

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