Monday, January 11, 2016

Establishment Morons


      We have a problem with old decrepit Representatives, Senators, and establishment elites in this nation. People on both sides of the aisle who have been in congress and D.C way too long to realize how the real world functions or how the constitution governs the land.
     Case in point the GOP establishment or RINOs are absolutely terrified of the coming GOP primaries because it will be either one of the two front candidates Senator Ted Cruz or businessman Donald Trump. The leftist mainstream media desperately wants a Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush race, as I have brought this up in the past. A Bush/Clinton race would mean the exact same thing going on with the Obama administration occurring with either one of them being elected. Even with Jeb elected Obama will still have his third term. Also if they deceive us and Jeb Bush becomes the primary candidate the GOP elites know that the Republican party would be forever done for and a new grass roots party would rise.
      Democratic and GOP establishments want to continue on business as usual. They want big government, they want their huge income, they care little or not at all about the American citizen. They just care about how fat their wallets can get. That is why the left wing media push back for Cruz, Trump, and yes even Bernie Sanders is a constant barrage.
     Bernie Sanders is in the same group that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are in, even though that group is to the far left. Bernie and his supporters are livid that they are ignored. That Hillary Clinton gets to do what she wants and gets all the press like she deserves it. The democratic establishment wants a coronation.
    The government establishment lets call it, hates when their system is disrupted. Make no mistake they all absolutely hate grass roots political outcries, they hate the little people like us, and they hate when we no longer listen to what the elites have to say. When we stop listening to the elites they go into a meltdown. They call us stupid, ignorant, uneducated on how government works, on and on.           The true fact of the matter is the government establishment elites are the idiots. They have racked up unsustainable debt, they practice lawlessness, corruption, and greed. Most of them deserved to be kicked out, arrested, and have their pensions stripped for allowing the illegal practices to continue no matter the administration either be Democratic or Republican both are elitists.
    If there is a Hillary/Jeb election then nothing in this country will change. It will be the same thing we have had since George H. W. Bush. We need a true election with new ideals. I would rather pit Bernie Sanders in against Ted Cruz or Donald Trump because all three of them even though with different views would be honest with their voters and not their establishments. I don't know about you but I am sick of the same old routine every election season. This time let us all unite and kick all elites to the curb.

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