Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Targeting the Stupid


  If you follow the mainstream news media there has always been a simple formula that even a five year old kid can figure out. Make the Obama Administration look good, yell racism when anyone disagrees with you, and try to discredit or lie about the opposition.
    We are no strangers to leftist media bias. It has been going on decades. The only difference is now through the power of social media, conservative internet media, and we the people are they now being called out on it.
    Because of this continual onslaught by a fed up nation, the leftist media (I include Fox News) are showing signs of buckling under pressure. Case in point recent events that have occurred. Shakeups in prime time programming from the big three networks CNN, MSNBC, Fox News. News anchors having to pretend to care when they issue apologies demanded by the people when they are caught lying. Political cartoons taken down when they have crossed over the line such as the recent Washington Post Ted Cruz and his daughters cartoon. Finally calling everything is racist as a desperate plea, from the head anchor at MSNBC Lawrence O'Donnell who said that most of Trump's support comes from white supremacist which is a gigantic lie to any well informed intelligent person but that is not who the mainstream news media targets.
    I have brought this up before and will continue. The mainstream news media targets the stupid. Stupid by definition means lacking intelligence or commonsense. People who will believe anything a man or woman in a suit will say on television without doing any research as gospel.  Sheep basically who have been brainwashed in the lie told over and over. This applies to GOP establishment supporters as well as Democrats. The media even does this with it's own far leftist candidate Bernie Sanders. Sanders has filed grievances  against Hillary Clinton and the DNC to no avail. His supporters know he is being treated unfairly and the red carpet has been rolled out for Hillary. They are as angry as conservatives are over the treatment of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson.
   The Washington D.C establishment want a GOP establishment candidate and a Hillary Clinton race. They need the the mainstream news media to make this happen. Having a GOP establishment candidate is no different than electing Hillary Clinton. Both would corrupt this nation further and continue the legacy of spending started by George W. Bush and doubled by Barack Obama. Only by using the mainstream news media to herd the stupid sheep can this be accomplished. Watch for the establishment leftist news networks to up their game now behind Hillary Clinton as it appears there will be no GOP establishment candidate.

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