Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Climate Change A Tool for the Left


   People with common sense realize climate change is a hoax. Anyone can google it, research it at the library, and look at past weather systems to realize it. So if it is a hoax why are nations embracing it? Simply put by using climate change in politics you scare the low information crowd. The low information crowd in turns screams that the sky is falling and in turn fuel the political narrative by being uninformed.
       Climate change is about control and taxation. By using climate change as an excuse the world can implement a carbon tax that forces wealthy nations to pay poorer nations for their evil industrial progress. This is basically a huge world wide spread the wealth socialism tactic. Most of the world could care less about climate change because they know it is a political tactic. The left is so desperate they try to make climate deniers out as monsters to use the ignorant low information voter to do their bidding of pushing the false narrative.

      In the 70s it was global cooling, then it was global warming, and now climate change. For some reason carbon is the enemy when in fact carbon is plant food. Once carbon is consumed by plants it is converted into oxygen. The left narrative of scaring us about climate change is coming to an end and they are terrified we don't by their crap anymore.

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