Saturday, December 5, 2015

Leftist Fascism


      The left absolutely knows no bounds when it comes to those who appose their views. Take the recent Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino. When the attack first occurred the leftist media decided to try and spin this as an attack on a Planned Parenthood facility that was a mile away. When that did not work they speculated that it was a white male, pro lifer, with right wing views, and finally when they realized that it was a middle eastern couple with ties to ISIS they tried to blame it on everything and everyone except the terrorists.
      Case in point CNN immediately sought out one of the victim's wives and asked her if her husband's faith was the cause of the attack. Senator Barbara Boxer said her state had proven gun control we aren't going to give up. MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News brought on leftist propagandist who blamed the Christmas party, beard shaming, different faiths, everything but Islamic terror. Finally the leftist news media tried to humanize the terrorist. That he was in an argument about his faith and other BS.
      This was about Islamic terror and nothing else. The bomb making material and the over 4,000 rounds of ammo prove this was well thought out and planned. Islamic terror is here and making a move. However leftist fascism rears it's ugly head and sees every crisis as an opportunity. President Obama saying that we need gun control even before all the facts are brought in. Attorney General Loretta Lynch instead of siding with American citizens and giving words of hope and comfort that the DOJ will investigate and do it's best to minimize or stop these attacks decides to defend the Muslim community and says that any hate speech towards a Muslim will be prosecuted. I mean wow talk about treasonous statements. Forget the people you work for, the citizens of the the United States and stick up for the faith that caused this tragedy to happen.
     What people do not understand that the left absolutely loves it when these attacks occur because they get to spread more fascism in the form of gun control and tolerance. When you take away law biding citizen's right to defend themselves you enact totalitarian control over them, the government can no longer fear it's people because they are unarmed. When you speak of tolerance you speak of tolerant of the beliefs of Muslims, but intolerant of other faiths because according to you those faiths caused the terror attack.

Amazing leftist hypocrisy once again proving how dangerous and destructive they are. They would absolutely love a totalitarian regime and will never let a crisis like this go to waste.

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