Sunday, December 27, 2015

Commonsense for the 2nd Amendment

    We all know the mass shootings of the mentally ill individuals that come across our screens from the mainstream media. People like James Holmes, Adam Lanza, and Dylan Roof. However many mass shootings are never reported if they do not meet a certain criteria to push the gun control narrative in the leftist media's eyes.
    Did you know that 353 mass shootings have occurred in 2015 according to . Out of those 353 nationally only about 5 percent get reported. The only ones that are reported when it is either a white male or Islamic terrorist shooting and the news media is forced to report it. Case in point with San Bernardino when the media was trying to make excuses that it could be another Planned Parenthood shooting.
    Most of the other 95 percent of mass shootings that occur are crime related or everyday inner city crime which has become so normal for the news media they ignore it unless it involves their view of a shooter which is a white male.
    Did you also know that according to there are three hundred and ten million (310,000,000) firearms distributed throughout the United States mostly into the hands of law biding citizens. Imagine three hundred and ten million, you would think with that number and the leftist narrative that everybody would be killing everybody because of us gun crazy wackos. Furthermore that with those three hundred and ten million the NRA would be responsible for so many deaths according to the left.
    What the leftist gun control narrative really is, is about control. A government cannot have full control over their people if the people are well armed. As long as the people are well armed the government will fear it's people. True freedom is the right to arm yourself for defense. If you implement gun control the only people you hurt are the law biding citizens. A criminal doesn't follow laws and will do what he or she can to get what they want through criminal means. They already break the law so they certainly don't care if they acquired a gun illegally.
    What the left does not understand is that the NRA is all about the law biding citizen's rights. Their mission is to promote and teach gun safety nationwide to curb gun accidents and gun violence. However when there is a shooting the left go straight for the organization they do not understand and always in the end when the left goes after it the law biding citizen supports it and buys more guns because they know what the mainstream media preaches to us is a complete lie.
     With three hundred and ten million firearms around you would assume as I said before we would all kill each other. That number should be a testament to the common sense and self control of the law biding citizens of this nation. Gun control doesn't work, but gun ownership works. All mass shootings have been in gun free zones. Gun free zones are safe zones for a criminal act because they know the law biding citizen will obey the law.
    We need common sense to replace the gun control narrative. We need to look at mental health history, warning signs, and we need to abolish the gun free zones. Only then I guarantee will that curb mass shootings.

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