Monday, November 23, 2015

We have to Unite


       Super Tuesday is months away but already everyone has picked a side. The big four as I like to call them Trump, Cruz, Carson, and Rubio have laid their case out before the conservative base and we have been listening. Unlike 2012 the only RINO we have in the mix that has a shot is Marco Rubio. The rest have shown their loyalty to the conservative base and not the Republican party establishment.
      We have to throw our support to the conservative candidates, we have to stop attacking one another, and we have to throw all our support in whoever becomes the Republican candidate. Or Hillary Clinton will be Obama's 3rd term. In 2012 three million Republican registered voters decided not to vote thus giving Obama a 2nd term. Could things have been different or better with Romney in office? We will never know, but I do know he would have been much better than Obama. However perhaps Romney's defeat was a blessing in disguise.
      Mitt Romney was a RINO who would pander to the conservative voters, but hold party loyalty to the establishment once in office. The media would have done their dance and thrown all support behind Hillary to guarantee her place in office for 2016. It would have been the same cycle we've had for awhile. RINO, Democrat, RINO, Democrat, over and over.
     With Obama's 2nd term though things are different. Obama has gone completely far left waking up many democratic party voters. With his lawless leftist policies and no push back from the Republican establishment the real conservative candidates have been able to shine. Politically things are very similar to how Reagan got elected. Carter back then was considered way too left and that woke up the democratic voters who threw most of their support behind Ronald Reagan. We have two candidates who are reaching across the aisles now doing the same thing that Reagan did.
     Right now we have two front runners who are more and more each day separating themselves in the polls, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Right now the Cruz and Trump camps are attacking each other clawing for their candidate to become the front runner for 2016. That needs to stop once super Tuesday is over. Whoever becomes the Republican candidate the attacks need to stop and all support needs to be thrown in. We need all voters to come out and be united to defeat the common enemy which is the left and Hillary Clinton. The left has the advantage of the stupidity of the low information voters. We need everyone we can get through educating the low information crowd into the informed crowd.

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