Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Using Emotions instead of Facts


    This post to the liberals might sound racist but it isn't to the educated eye. Let me begin by posing the question, why do intercity blacks violently protest? Our news for the past two years almost has been saturated with law enforcement shooting of a supposedly innocent black person. With most of the shootings later on after investigations are done showing the innocent black person wasn't so innocent and caused the altercation. Most of the police officers are exonerated of all charges, but the ones who purposely used unnecessary force are charged and sent to trial.
     The problem is what happens in between the investigations. Once the incident occurs, almost immediately Inner city blacks with help from leftist bias media and leftist instigators like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and even Barack Obama throw emotions of rage against law enforcement. They make the problem worse by committing acts of violence, looting, and even commit shootings themselves. They create a headache for law enforcement trying to restore order by making it seem like it is the police's fault and they are the victims.
     Well let me hit you with some cold truths. All of you using violence to protest are animals and thugs. You put the great man Dr. Martin Luther King to shame and drag him through the mud with you. You people (yes I said it) sit there and wonder why race relations have gotten worse, well it is because of you people acting like damn fools. Believe it or not the same number if not more white people have been shot by cops. But do you see us violently protesting, looting, etc? No you do not. Because believe it or not our Justice system (even though broken at times) does it's job by investigating all the facts. The reason those officers who shot that suspected person are let go is because they were in the right. The officers who committed the shooting on purpose are sent to trial. You people make it worse by turning an incident into a looting party. Ninety percent of inner city blacks do not care about Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and Laquan McDonald. They just want to loot and cause rage.

Use facts instead of emotions, if you are going to protest do it peacefully, all you have done is make race relations worse, and have shown the world how stupid you are.

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