Saturday, November 7, 2015

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)


       Taking a break from my usual conservative posts I wanted to address a serious issue today. I went to see the new Bond film Spectre and when watching the previews a movie trailer came on that for all intensive purposes pissed me off.
       I cannot stand talking about myself as I like to be a private person as much as possible, but I was wounded in combat and I have traumatic brain injury (TBI). I had to go through six months of intense rehabilitation and I am still in rehabilitation because of it. Having said that, the movie "Concussion" comes out soon staring Will Smith. In it Smith stars as the doctor who exposes the NFL's problem with TBI. Showing the effects of concussion for younger and older players, how it can affect your neurological functions and cause mental illness as well.
       That is all well and good, but here is my issue. Many soldiers have different levels of severity    of TBI. TBI that causes their speech, motor, or mental capacity to become disabled. Causing numerous physical and mental problems such as deep suicidal depression . This can lead to death further down the road from physical trauma or suicide. Soldiers are injured with TBI due to Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) or being exposed to multiple explosions over multiple deployments.
        My question is where is their movie for concussions? Where is their cry for concern from the public? Concussion focuses on football players who have TBI, but not soldiers. It is amazing to me that Hollywood would do a movie about TBI because it affects football players with the doctor (Will Smith) even calling the players warriors at one point (they aren't warriors). While it is sad that players have concussions and football has changed for the better to curb this injury. Soldiers do not get that option and are once again pushed to the back of the line. Their stories do not get to be told. I think it is a travesty. We honor multi million dollar football players who play a game more than soldiers risking their lives who have far worse traumatic brain injuries.

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