Saturday, November 28, 2015

The White Christian Guy Did It!


    Amazing hypocrisy has once again reared it's head. This time concerning the so called Planned Parenthood shooting. Before all the facts were put into place the leftist mainstream media cried from the roof tops of the white pro life Republican Christian shooter. The leftist on social media immediately ignored facts as well and decided to tell all Christians and pro lifers they were in the wrong.
       During the shooting a cop was killed and once again we saw the false outcry from the left. It is a tragedy when any member of  law enforcement is killed, but this is the only time we have seen the left show any attention to one being killed. The left applaud and even at times support the death of law enforcement. We have seen the leftist mainstream media and social media completely ignore the cop slayings of the past two years, but because this happened at Planned Parenthood they decided to falsely care.
     I said on twitter that if this happened at a VA clinic the media wouldn't care. And that is a true statement because the past VA shootings that have happened the leftist mainstream media have ignored because it doesn't fit their narratives.

Have you seen the leftist scream at the rooftops over these shootings? Neither have I.
      The reason the leftist media went rabid over this one is because it fits their narrative. They can lie and claim it was a pro lifer, republican, white, gun lover and send out false information before the facts come in. That isn't news but it is propaganda. News outlets have been quieted down today because once again the shooter didn't fit their narrative and they have lost interest in the story. The man was strange, living alone in a shack, didn't talk about religion or politics according to neighbors and had a history of violent offenses.

    Leftist lost interests because the man didn't fit their narrative. Only his whiteness did and they knew they didn't have much to go on now.

All this shows is further proof that the leftist media machine uses propaganda to falsify truth and rile up the ignorant.

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