Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Organized Criminal Administration

        The Obama administration has decided in the last couple of months to step up their game for the further destruction of our rights and the constitution. Reason I suspect is due to the fact that they see strong conservative leadership destroying democrats left and right in the Presidential run. They see Hillary's days are numbered and are now in break neck speed to finish their anti-American agenda before a real leader steps forward.
        The past few months we have seen this taking shape. The administration has thrown their support behind the hate group #blacklivesmatter. Obama announcing that he is happy of the group's way they are spreading the word of racial injustice.
       The administration has once again decided to shred the Federal Immigration law this time in turn shredding a Federal Judge's ruling that stopped executive amnesty. Obama and the administration knows that the only way Hillary or Killary will win is if they pass amnesty. Obama sees that new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is not caving to his demands to put amnesty to the forefront of Congress. So what does any left wing lawless criminal do? He goes around it and tries to do it anyway.
      The administration is also pushing rhetoric for confiscation of guns. Hillary, Sanders, and the rest of the Hitler youth are also pushing this in their campaigns. A confiscation of guns would most certainly mean armed conflict / civil war taking place. You can only pushed an armed nation so far before they start fighting back.
      Lastly the administration is working with the United Nations to push the false climate change agenda. With the stranglehold that Obama has put on the nation's businesses with regulation after regulation with this climate change crap, now he wants the United Nations to start a world court to go after anyone who speaks out against again the false narrative of climate change.

Congress can't do a damn thing because they are too frightened and two because most of them are absolute spineless cowards. It is up to we the people to keep others informed and stop the administration. The Obama administration needs to be arrested and held accountable for the crimes against the American people by Federal trial.

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