Friday, November 20, 2015

The Obama Administration sponsors of Terrorism


      The rise of ISIS, reemergence of Al Qaeda, and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood can all be blamed on the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton's support of the Arab Spring and the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.
       When we were in Iraq the nation was stabilized. We worked closely with the Iraqi government in the training of it's troops and hand over of responsibility to their military to handle the insurgent threat. However we remained a strong presence in the region in case they needed assistance. At the time no one outside of the U.S military or Department of Defense ever heard of ISIS because it only existed as the ISI (Islamic State of Iraq) which we had contained.
      Leaving the nation was a mistake. Once we left the Iraqi government no longer had it's security blanket which was the U.S military. A power vacuum was created. The ISI joined with the Syrian rebels to become stronger and abracadabra ISIS was created to oust Middle Eastern regimes and create an Islamic State under Sharia law.
      To make matters worse than ISIS the Arab Spring popped up stretching from Northern Africa all the way to Iran. The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, as well as ISIS saw this as an opportunity to pounce and take over certain regimes and make them Islamic States. This is where the naive minds of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton took over.
      The administration foolishly thought that the Arab Spring was all Arabs who wanted democracy and western style governments. What they ignored was the fact that radical Islamic terror groups like the before mentioned were manipulating and using the Arab Spring to their advantage. The Obama administration as well as Republican RINOs supported the ousting of regimes thinking that once the regimes were taken over that western style governments would be placed into power. The administration supported the Libyan rebels to kill Omar Qaddafi. Qaddafi who abandoned any weapons of mass destruction programs once Iraq was invaded in 2003 and tried to make a peaceful coexistence with the United States. Once Qaddafi was killed the Muslim Brotherhood enacted an even worse tyrannical government and the region became unstable and that is one of the reasons why Benghazi happened.
     The same would have happened in Egypt but the military took control and restored order to the region. Where a new stable democratic style government would later be put in place after the population became wise to the radical Islamic plot to obtain government control. Like Libya, Egypt's President Mubarak kept the region stable and supported the United States. However the administration ignored this and almost allowed another Islamic State to be formed in Egypt like they did in Libya.
     And now you have Syria with Assad who kept Syria stable, but the same story unfolded and has yet to end. Rebels backed by the U.S for training and weapons are now ISIS backed rebels trying to take control of the Syrian government and make it an Islamic State. These are but a few of the examples of the Obama Administration's support of terrorism in otherwise stable regions.
     Qaddafi, Mubarak, and Assad were and are tyrannical dictators however they kept the regions stable and allowed people of all faiths to coexist to one degree or the other. The old saying is true better the devil you know then the devil you don't know. In former stabilized countries now we have execution of Christians, non Muslims, Jews, etc. The rape, murder, and sexual slavery of women. The molestation and sexual slavery of children. Complete and utter evil partly because the Obama administration's stupidity of foreign policy.

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