Friday, November 6, 2015

Terrified media attacks Dr. Carson


     In former posts I have written about how the left and the media are scared of Trump, Carson, and Cruz because they attack the media and never apologize. The latest attacks on the media are directly aimed at Dr. Ben Carson. Dr. Carson's life, beliefs, and values have been under the microscope almost since day one. However because now that Carson is in front of some polls the media are out to destroy his credibility.
    What the left and the media are really afraid of is an African American conservative actually turning this country around. All the leftist have going for them are brainwashed college kids, old worn out hippies, feminazis, inner city blacks, and illegals. That is the democratic party in a nutshell. However with Dr. Carson taking the reigns in office will no doubt do his best to stop the leftist plantation owners in the inner cities, and bring the African American community out of poverty and welfare showing them what conservative policies when done right can work one hundred percent of the time.
      Be happy that the media is attacking Trump, Carson, and Cruz because they are terrified of what is coming. They feel their leftist grip on the United States fading away because of people standing up and no longer being afraid of the leftist BS.

Leftist know that there will never be another black democratic president, and if Dr. Carson wins there might be a lot of black conservative Senators, Congressmen, and Presidents that will destroy the left.

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