Thursday, November 5, 2015

Take your Xenophobia and Shove it


       The left cry and whine with signs such as "I am a dreamer" and "No human being is illegal". Well to the leftist I have news for you. Human beings can be illegal. If you are here illegally you are in fact illegal. You are here in the United States in an illegal manner. Meaning you crossed the border which was breaking the law and living in the country, which is broken law number two. Add the two laws being broken up and it equals out to an illegal human being.
        There is a difference between an illegal and a legal immigrant. Here in the United States we welcome all races, creeds, religions, sexual orientation, etc IF they immigrated here through LEGAL means. That means doing the paperwork, going through background checks, taking citizenship tests, and pledging their allegiance to the United States of America. The illegal immigrant hasn't done any of that. They spit in the faces of the legal immigrant.
         Leftist want to say that conservatives are xenophobic. Well let us look at the definition of xenophobia shall we, xenophobia is intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries. Well that is odd is it not? To fear people from a different nation when the LEGAL immigrants we have came from different nations and the country has no problem with them because they became citizens LEGALLY and are now AMERICAN CITIZENS. So calling us xenophobic, racist, or bigot flies right out the window and into the trash.
         We the people of the United States are American Citizens. Citizens that were either naturalized before the nation was founded, born here, or came here LEGALLY. You can only be an American Citizen if you came here LEGALLY. You are not a citizen nor are you a legal human being if you jumped the fence to come here. Sorry it hasn't and doesn't work that way. Even with the lawless administration it still doesn't work that way. I am an AMERICAN CITIZEN all LEGAL IMMIGRANTS are AMERICAN CITIZENS. If you jumped the fence you are NOT a citizen PERIOD!
         It is amazing that Mexico enforces immigration a lot stricter than we do, but when we enforce it the leftist cry out for human rights and they have a right to be here nonsense. Legal immigration is here to make sure viruses that no longer harm this nation are in check, that murders and rapist are in check, and to make sure terrorist are in check. Because of the lawless leftist administration we have, they surrendered all three. The Obama administration caused the murder, rape, and death from disease upon American citizens and have violated the law because of their open borders agenda. We have to have leadership to end it once and for all.

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