Thursday, November 19, 2015

Nuclear Terrorism

        The biggest goal in the last few decades for radical Islam has been to set off a nuclear device in a major metropolitan area. It is not a question of if this will happen, it is a question of when and where it will happen. 
      First though let us look at Islam and how they move and conquer. Islam is not only a religion it is an ideology. What Islam does is flood a nation with so called moderates, builds mosques, and creates a false sense of security for the rest of us. Once they feel there is enough of the population to swing public opinion and elections that is when they strike. All of a sudden a once peaceful democratic country or even a moderate totalitarian regime is met with Islamic ideology in the form of Sharia law. Once Sharia law is in place then there is no longer such a thing as a moderate Islamic. They all become radical because the Koran and Sharia law mandate it. 
     That is what people do not understand. They do not realize that Muslims do not follow a nation's laws, they follow Sharia law. We have seen that with the current influx of refugees flooding into Europe and the United States. They treat women as property, spit on them, rape them, and murder them. They create rape gangs and gangs that murder Jews and Christians.
     So what does all of this have to do with nuclear terrorism? Nuclear terrorism can cause one of two options. It can either strike fear into the hearts of the citizens of a nation that they surrender to Islam or it can cause that nation to strike out at the terrorist or the Islamic nation claiming responsibility. Islamic terrorist groups are counting on option one. Already we see on MSNBC, CNN, and even Fox News of liberal so called experts wanting to cave to the terrorist, give up, show them how acceptable we are to others. So you better believe if say New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc were to be hit by a nuclear weapon through Islamic terrorism the liberals would cave. 
     Once the caving starts then Sharia law is implemented and the moderate Islamic followers become the radical Islamic followers because they have Sharia law behind them and can start persecuting the unbelievers. It doesn't matter if your a Jew, Christian, Gay, Atheist, or Feminist they will treat all of us to the dark ages of executions and torture to convert the non believers. 
     Remember there is no such thing as a moderate Islamic. They are just waiting until the radicals arrive. Nuclear terrorism will happen because in their minds Allah wills it to be the instrument to take over a powerful nation.

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