Sunday, November 8, 2015

Liberals cry when democracy doesn't go their way


     Democrats or the far left, (saying it either way is correct) seem to love speaking out in favor of democracy, the beauty of voting, and a free society. However when it doesn't go their way they cry out "How dare that we the voters decided it this way!". Case in point to the recent November 3rd spanking of liberals that went unnoticed by the liberal media. Leftist across the board had their collective asses spanked including the liberal concentration camp of San Francisco.
     Those of us with common sense look at this normally saying to ourselves "The people have spoken and the majority rules.". Again though liberals only want it their way and do not like the majority rules part of democracy. For example when Governor Scott Walker was reelected for the third time (because leftist had a hard time accepting him as governor) liberals cried out that democracy was dead and that fascist won. They completely ignored the fact that the majority ruled in favor of the good job Governor Walker was doing and in typical leftist fashion displayed their contempt for democracy. The same thing has happened with the recent election.
     The citizens of Houston, Texas voted against the ordinance that would have established nondiscrimination protections for gay and transgender people in Houston did not pass. Or in other words what bathroom they can use. Once again democracy worked and the people voted no, but the openly gay Mayor of Houston Annise Parker decided to whine and throw a fit because she didn't get her way. She decided to berate her own citizens who voted against it on social media and in a social gathering in support of the ordinance.

Annise Parker is a perfect example of a liberal who displays their mental disorder when democracy works against them. Parker should be ashamed of herself, apologize to the city of Houston and resign. A Mayor works for the people and should be professional throughout their term as mayor no matter what party you belong to. I feel sorry for the people of Houston who have to endure a liberal democratic mayor like her who will probably make the city of Houston worse during her term.

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