Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Liberal fear mongering

Liberals are scared of losing the power they have obtained over the years through the means of the ignorant and low information voter. Liberals in the last few years have switched tactic after tactic. From calling us racist, to xenophobic, to islamaphobic, fear mongers, and now back to racist. It is amazing how all the collective intelligence of liberals have is name calling. Liberals are scared of the conservatives because one we use facts to back up our views and two we still are the majority in this country.

If you aren't ignorant and would like to know the truth about conservatives then read below. If you want to call me a name then tweet me @millennialviews

Conservatism works and has been proven time and time again

As a conservative we believe in

Limited government

the Bill of Rights

Every word of the Constitution

A balanced budget

Low information voter: But wait? Doesn't a balanced budget mean kicking the elderly, veterans, homeless off social security, VA benefits, and welfare.

The misconception that liberals want you to think is that we want to cut all programs down to zero.

What we want is to kick the people out abusing social security and welfare out by implementing safe measures. We want to keep the programs.

Now a balanced budget can easily be achieved and done by slashing departments that are too big for their own good. Such as the EPA, IRS, BLM, Department of Education.....

Low information voter: Whoa Department of Education? You want to hurt the children?

Another misconception liberals think that by disbanding or slashing the Department of Education then no one would be educated. That is far from the truth.

The department was created under President Carter in the late 1970s before that we had states running education. With states running education again we can implement school choice (letting parents choose where their kid goes to school) and put the voters back in control of the education of their children.

We believe in religious freedom that has been under attack recently by the militant gay community and the government. Religious freedom means worship and believe without a government interfering in the way you practice it.

Low information voter: But you Christians hate the gays and want to end love!

Another liberal attack full of stupidity. No we do not hate the gays and want to end love.

What we do want are the gays and the Federal Government to stop forcing our Churches what they can and cannot say.

Believe it or not we believe in the rights of gays as in the rights of any free American citizen.

Low information voter: You hate immigrants! Your a bunch of xenophobic evil assholes!

We are Anti-ILLEGAL immigration. We have legal immigration laws that have been in place for years but the Obama administration has committed a Federal crime by ignoring the law and letting the illegals in thereby hurting any legal immigrant who wants to come into this Nation. We support legal immigration like every other country does around the world. No nation wants a flood of illegal immigrants.

This is but a few of the scary things the left wants you to fear about us. Do the research and realize that the leftist are the fear mongers.

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