Friday, November 6, 2015

Keystone rejected for climate nonsense

    So let's get this straight. We are giving Iran pretty much all it wants in our deal with them which will lead to eventual nuclear arms, but we are rejecting the keystone pipeline. That makes absolute no sense and is the mark of an insane leftist administration.
      Further proof that liberalism is a mental disorder it has been decided to ax the keystone pipeline. The pipeline that would create tens of thousands of jobs, make us less dependent on foreign oil, and increase energy output. That right there is a resounding win for the economy. Yet Obama the idiot that he is says it would interfere with our climate change leadership. For one climate change isn't proven and is a pathetic excuse to increase America's economic woes. So we are rejecting jobs, oil, and energy in exchange for climate change leadership nonsense.... that's great. It shows all of us that the left can't lead in any way shape or fashion. Obama (ONE BIG ASS MISTAKE AGAIN)

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