Sunday, November 1, 2015

If you do not agree with the hate group #BLM


      Students of Spring Valley High School in Columbia, SC staged a walk out on Friday to support their now fired school resource officer Ben Fields. Fields was filmed taking care of an altercation with a black female student. Fields handled himself professionally, but the video went viral and the hate group #blacklivesmatter mixed with other worthless groups joined in the chorus to fire Fields. The Sheriff's department acting cowardly did just that.
      However the students feel one hundred percent that he was in the right and staged a walkout for his reinstatement and return. Students black and white all joined in the walkout to show their support for Fields. Once again though the hate group #blacklivesmatter got wind of the walkout, and in their typical fashion they went after the students. Twitter blasted the students calling them brainwashed by the white man, little coons, uncle Toms, and the list goes on. It is unbelievable that when any African American stands up for what is right and just in this nation such as standing up for Fields that the leftist hate groups have to spit vulgarity at kids (who are more mature than #blacklivesmatter) calling them out. These kids are to be commended and applauded for standing up for what is right and as a bonus making liberals meltdown and wet themselves at the thought of black and whites standing together.

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