Monday, November 2, 2015

Forget Veterans Hire Convicts


      Unfortunately in today's messed up leftist society, did you know that convicts and veterans have the exact same tax breaks for employers? The convict even gets a better nod from the employer because the convict's parole officer does the tax paperwork for the convict, and the employer's HR does the veteran's tax paperwork.
      Obama is now going to sign another worthless executive order for the government to hire convicts. Forget the thousands of veteran homeless and unemployed out there. Forget that hiring a veteran would actually get things done. Forget that veterans are one thousand percent more trustworthy and better than a convict in every way shape or form. No, lets hire convicts and have them work for the government, get government pay, and government pensions. Another slap in the face by the worthless corrupt Obama administration to veterans everywhere.

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