Sunday, November 1, 2015

Even liberals don't want Hillary

         I had to read on MSNBC (BSNBC) for this story so excuse me while I have to vomit from time to time writing this. "My Turn" written by Nation Magazine Contributing Editor Doug Henwood, critiques the former secretary of state’s decades-long political career, calling out her foreign policy positions and purported connections to big-money interests, among other contentious points.
        First of all I love the cover. It shows the Godmother with a stern look on her face saying it's her or nobody, secondly it shows her in a blood red dress to me signifying the blood spilled during her career that is her fault namely Benghazi, and lastly it shows her holding a gun as if she is taking America hostage which in fact she is.
       The book hasn't been released yet, but I suspect that being written by a liberal will draw the ire of the looney leftist who pray to their false idol Hillary daily. Already twitter has exploded with exchanges of typical leftist hate and vulgarity towards Doug Henwood. I'm actually quite excited for the book's release because only a leftist can reach far left radicals and if this book damages her already damaged reputation then I am all for it. Hillary wants a coronation and forgets what nation she lives in. We vote for our leaders and the wicked witch of Benghazi is certainly not a leader.

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