Monday, November 2, 2015

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, Billionaire, Moron

     It is amazing that a man who owes the life he now lives to capitalism would now speak out against it. Bill Gates is a practicing leftist and has made us raise eyebrows with his left field ideas. Now here is another one. Gates said that capitalism cannot save us from climate change, but that socialism sure as hell can. He says that capitalist are too greedy and corporations won't do enough for climate change.
    Ok Bill, let us look at the facts laid out before we embrace what you just said. First off climate change is still heavily debated if it is even real or just made up leftist science to gain more control over society. Thousands of scientists around the world have debunked it and called it madness to support climate change. Secondly as I said before your entire financial empire is all thanks to capitalism. From DOS to Windows you created a product that was in demand world wide and sold it. You couldn't do that with socialism. Lastly Bill, corporations do plenty to help poverty, disease, hunger, and a variety of social issues through charity. Socialism couldn't do that because socialism takes from people to give to other people. Capitalism creates wealth that everyone can pass around to help others. Capitalism is the only reason people around the world have the things they do and are better off than their ancestors were. Socialism would destroy it.

Bill Gates ladies and gentleman! Once a man I respected now a complete moron.

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