Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Zero White Guilt


       Everyday it seems the mainstream liberal media wants to cover the poor African American who blames the white man for their problems. It's not the white man to blame, but only yourself. See I am what the leftist fear because I am a white man with zero white guilt. I never had white guilt and I never will. What the left needs to understand is that there are plenty of white people who have zero white guilt as well.
       First off white guilt was created by the left as a way to apologize for the years of mistreatment done to the black person over the years. By using white guilt it is almost like a get out of jail free card. We will let you do whatever you want and elect who you want because we feel guilty about the past. Yeah I don't feel guilty about the past. Myself, my father, my grandfather, my great grandfather, and my great great grandfather who fought for the Union never owned a slave. Also if true history would be taught it would show that white indentured servants were slaves as well as the African American. On top of that many free black men owned and ran plantations using African slaves. So again do I have white guilt? None at all.
       See what the left wants is to make us feel so sorry for the African American. That we are the cause of all their problems. What they don't want let out is that the African American community is the cause of their own problems. I grew up in a trailer park setting, my family was poor, and I was raised on a public school education. Guess what? I am successful now. You know why? Because of hard work not handouts. White, black whatever your race in this country you have the equal opportunity to be successful, but only because of hard work. Handouts do not make you successful.
        Unfortunately as I said the African American community like to shoot themselves in the foot all too often. They elect leftist leaders who want the votes coming in and the handouts flowing to keep the black man truly down and keep them from being successful. Liberal policy cannot work if we are a nation of successful black men and women. The black community also has a problem with education. Public education doesn't educate in the inner city, instead they just slide the student along throwing him or her under the bus when life comes. In turn when they aren't prepared for life they turn to crime. This is the stigma of the African American that they are nothing but criminals and thieves. If you go around saying "F the police!" and "Kill whitey" your not helping your cause to reverse the stigma. The reason that stigma is there is because of the liberal media and leftist policies. They want to corral blacks and keep them in the inner city plantations. So the media in turn scares the ignorant low information white that the black man is out to get them and that they are to blame (white guilt).
      Look around at the successful black men and women out there. Nine times out of ten they come from a conservative background and are conservative. Sadly though these successful Americans are spit upon and called uncle Toms because they reject the handouts and worked hard to become who they are. What needs to happen is that a generation of African Americans need to reject the left's plantation and embrace being successful. To stop blaming all their problems on everybody. The more black men and women rejecting the leftist narrative, leftist policies, and leftist media the less racial divide we will have. If everyone black and white stop these stupid political correct labels and call themselves just Americans then the racial divide can be healed. Stop the white guilt and stop the racial stupidity of  always using the race card. Take responsibility for your actions because it isn't my fault or any one else either.

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