Thursday, October 29, 2015

Why does it continue?



      If there ever was one shred of evidence that needed to be presented to a court on the basis of mainstream media bias then last night was all you needed. With the money lined in your pockets from the left and George Soros why tell the truth?
      CNBC gave us probably the worst ever debate ever. Instead of asking the candidates real questions they instead tried to turn it into a reality show and tried to further the rift of the establishment and the grassroots. They also did their usual gotcha questions thrown at the front runners Trump, Carson, and Cruz. However because the leftist media loves the RINOs they gushed over most of the establishment candidates.
      So the question is why do we continually allow these half assed moderators from Communist networks like BSNBC, CNBC, CNN, and yes even Fox News to ask questions of our candidates. I guarantee you one hundred dollars that if Rush Limbaugh with Mark Levin and Michael Savage on opposite sides of him were a panel, and if the debate was only on radio and streaming on the web then the ratings would wipe the floor with the mainstream media.
     Why doesn't that happen? Well the obvious answer is money and the second answer is the left. The left are afraid of talk radio hosts asking questions because then the candidates will have an open floor to talk about the issues. Issues that they are right about. Issues that the left will always loose when it comes to an open debate. Issues that will sway moderate leftist over to the conservative side. So the left does their best to make sure the talk radio scenario never happens.
     All we can do is unite and bang down the doors of these moronic Soros funded so called BS media outlets. Build enough pressure on them and they will cave. Sooner or later the mainstream bias left will cave.

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