Friday, October 23, 2015

Why be left when you can always be right

    We live in an upside down world where fascist leftist political correctness runs amok. The left loves to point the blame of all their problems at conservatives, but the truth is they only have themselves to blame for all of their misery. The radical brainwashed left want a socialist utopia of government control. They think that it can work in this country and ignore the fact that it has never worked in any nation since Karl Marx came up with the idea. This post isn't for the radical left because they are too mentally ill and far gone down the rabbit hole. This is for the leftist who are scratching their heads and look at their mentally ill leaders with questions on why is this happening this way. To you guys and gals you have been duped to embrace leftist views of social and economic equality and justice that has never and will never exist. What made and makes the United States amazing is that you have equal opportunity to be who you want to be and do amazing things without being confined and restricted by government. The left wants you to think that conservatives are the evil fascists who want to restrict your freedom, but it is the leftist that want you to be a slave to government. Look at the last seven years of Obama. Look at the restrictions he has put on you, businesses, and your lively hood. Conservatives desire limited government and freedom to become who you can become without restriction no matter your race or sex. The constitution is our guideline, we stand by the all amendments in the constitution but especially the first ten in the bill of rights. Do not be fooled by the folly of big government. This nation is great because of it's citizens not its government.

So I ask of you why be left when you can always be right!

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