Saturday, October 24, 2015

We need Alcohol Control

   Adacia Chambers a 25 year old became intoxicated and barreled through a home coming parade that Oklahoma State University was having today. She killed 3 and critically injured 10. So the question is where is the outrage and call for alcohol control? Every time there is a mass shooting (which is rare) there is the political out cry from the left for gun control. So again where is the out cry for alcohol control?
    It is amazing how alcohol gets little blame but guns get all the blame. Alcohol is the cause for thousands of deaths every year from auto accidents, domestic violence, and over indulgence at parties. It is also the cause for some shootings and plenty of rapes. So again where is the outrage?
    Truth is if alcohol threatened government in anyway the left would be out to destroy it, but it's not out to threaten government. However guns threaten the left's goals of big government control. That is your real reason for the out cry of gun control. Because gun control equals control of the population. Because there are weapons in the hands of law biding citizens the leftist big government machine cannot fully control the people due to the constant threat of revolution. The left if they really cared should be equally outraged about alcohol as they are guns, but they aren't because they fake their outrage at guns because it prevents their control over the people. The left media and mentally ill radicals love mass shootings because the false narrative can be politicized again and again.

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