Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We are a nation of immigrants.... LEGAL Immigrants

       Why is it our leaders both RINO and Democrat stuck on amnesty? For the democrats its because of votes and the RINOs it is because they are idiots who think like Democrats. Democrats don't care about the illegal immigrant or legal immigrant for that matter. All they care about is will their illegal be able to vote next year for Queen Killary uh I mean Hillary.
       The leftist love to bring up that all of us except the Native Americans are immigrants. Well that maybe true but a lot of our ancestors came here before there was a country. You can't be an immigrant to a country that wasn't founded yet. Legal immigrants are calling out to this amnesty nonsense. They hate it worse than the natural citizens. Legal immigrants went through years of waiting, testing, classes, mountains of paperwork, and finally a green card. Illegals just hop the fence thereby desecrating the legal immigrant's hard work.
      On top of all this illegals bring with them disease, murder, rape, and lawlessness. Just ask the families of the loved ones they lost because of the illegal immigrant lawlessness. You can't ask them because they are continually ignored by the media, Congress, and the White House. It is absolutely amazing how our government will stick it's neck out for an illegal but spit on an American citizen natural or legal.

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