Monday, October 19, 2015

The Wall Works


    If you watch "Game of Thrones" like I do you know about the wall to the north keeping the walkers out. If you've watched old cowboy movies you'd notice walls protecting a settlement. If you've watched movies or read history books you will notice walls protecting castles. And if you've noticed that gigantic wall in China or Hadrian's wall in England then you'll know what I'm talking about.
    Walls keep the unwanted out. Now before you scream at me for wanting the poor illegals to face a wall here are the facts. The fact is Europe is facing a migration of mostly terrorist disguised as refugees. Sure there are some refugees here and there but it is mostly adult males. These adult males have been called by radical Islamic groups (not just ISIS) to spread Islam to the west and conquer it without firing a shot.
    The border crisis in the United States caused by Barack Obama's blatant disregard for Federal law is the exact same thing. By letting illegals in you have exposed this nation to disease, terrorist sleepers, murders, thieves, rapist, the list goes on. Thousands cross everyday, but to liberals we are suppose to support this and say a big "Up Yours!" to the millions of legal immigrants who have been waiting patiently following the law.
   Hungry (the country, if your a liberal college grad look in southeastern Europe and if your confused by where Europe is look next to Russia) has a gigantic wall on it's border and guess what? It works! Amazing huh when you follow the example of history and build a wall. All the leftist and RINOs want to call us and Trump crazy for building a wall but you can't deny the history and common sense of a wall.

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