Monday, October 5, 2015

The NRA standing up for Freedom

    A lot of attacks on the NRA over the weekend calling it to be labelled as a terrorist organization. That is probably the dumbest thing I've heard of this month (and the month just started). First for those ignorant of the NRA let us dive into facts.

-The NRA is the National Rifle Association established after the civil war by Union troops to teach the public about gun and gun safety.

-The NRA goes to schools, cities, colleges, organizations, whoever lets them to teach gun responsibility, gun safety, and gun law.

-The NRA donates many of its funds to wildlife conservation organizations.

-The NRA is a group for law biding armed citizens, not for the crazies who want to commit violence.

-The NRA in no way shape or form supports any illegal gun ownership.

The loonies who want to label the NRA terrorist organizations need a good wack to the face. It is shameful that the first thing any liberal or news outlet does when there is a mass shooting is lash out at the NRA (who had nothing to do with it). Instead of collecting facts about what happened.

Like every mass shooting that happens though the liberals are the greatest gun salesmen in the country. Gun sales have soared and NRA membership is through the roof. Every time a liberal opens his or her mouth about taking guns away the sales go up.

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