Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Left's war against Veterans


     There is a problem starting that many still don't notice. The leftist regime and news media are chomping at the bit to start vilifying veterans. If you've noticed every time there is a mass shooting or a police shooting investigation they start pointing their fingers that it could be a possible veteran before getting one shred of evidence. Of course the shooters have all been liberal democrats or radical Muslims, but they don't want that information getting out.
      Leftist cannot stand veterans so they try to make veterans into something they aren't. They try to make them victims. Victims of a cold hearted republican party that made them go to war. Bringing up the echos of Vietnam all over again. Then they always go to the veteran who has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). That the veteran with PTSD could become a domestic threat and cause a mass shooting or worse.
      Funny how that hasn't happened isn't it? That the ones to point the fingers at are the leftist themselves for mass shootings. The left hates veterans because Veterans are better than they are in every way shape and form. Veterans love this nation, most Veterans are conservative, most Veterans are NRA members, proud gun owners, and all Veterans do not think of themselves as victims. A veteran is more than likely to stop a mass shooting as you saw in the Oregon community college shooting, a Veteran is more likely to stop a terrorist as you recently saw in Europe, a Veteran has been trained to hold restraint and is the perfect candidate to become a member of law enforcement. As you saw on CNN (if you watch that trash) Brooke Baldwin during the Baltimore riots went straight at Veterans as an excuse. She said that the police officers in the Freddie Grey nonsense might possibly be angry Veterans.
      The left hates more than anything a Veteran with firearms and so does the government. Case in point every time I go to the VA Medical Center for an appointment no matter how many times I go in they always ask the same question. "Do you have any firearms?" of course I lie and say no because I trust the VA as much as the United States trusted Stalin during the Cold War. The left knows if there is a gun grab that Veterans will more than likely rise up to put an end to the stupidity. So the left does it's best to try and show the public that Veterans are a menace and mentally ill. When in turn a Veteran is well mannered, well educated, loyal, and above all well trained to handle intense situations. A Veteran will always use force as a last resort. A Veteran is proud to serve his or her country and will do his or her best to defend it against all enemies foreign or domestic (leftists).

 Leftist will always hate the military and the ones who serve because it goes against the leftist agenda.

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