Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Leftist Shout Down

      Al Michaels who everyone gets to listen to on Sunday nights made a joke about taxes. His joke about taxes of course that taxes are too high. However in media you are not suppose to joke about El Presidente and his generous tax policies. Michaels since making the comment is now taking heat from the twitter liberal army on how old fashion and ignorant he is of taxation. The leftist using the narrative that he and all of us should be happy to give our money to the government for a happier tomorrow or some bull crap like that.
    This is to me a push to kick Al Michaels out of broadcasting for someone more left like ESPN did to Curt Schilling. Curt Schilling was a fellow commentator for baseball on ESPN but because he decided to use twitter to tell the truth, leftist punished him. On twitter he compared radical Islam to the Nazi's. Nothing wrong with that it is the truth. More truth would be that they are becoming worse than the Nazi's. However because Schilling made his non leftist views known ESPN kicked him out of broadcasting. Al Michaels now will probably be kicked out of broadcasting to appease the whiny left. This is classic from the Rules for Radicals playbook. Whine, kick your feet, throw a tantrum and the cowardly media outlet ESPN and NBC will cave.

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