Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Godmother Part I

      First off thank you to Michael Savage for the title Godmother. Hillary Clinton is in all sense of the word a Godmother, a mafioso boss. She loves and craves power. She will do anything and hurt anyone she can who gets in her way of it. The woman is pure evil.
      Clinton testified before the Benghazi committee today led by Congressman Trey Gowdy. While I write this the hearing continues but it is abundantly clear that this woman is lying through her teeth.
She started in her opening statement to put this hearing above politics. Really? The wicked witch of the west strikes first in her opening statement to put this hearing above politics thereby playing to the leftist zombie media's tone that these hearings are witch hunts. Secondly she makes it seem like it is a political led hearing by delaying the hearings until she firmly is in the running as the democratic candidate.
     The main points of today were the emails that Clinton when she was Secretary of State sent and received concerning the Libyan crisis as well as Benghazi. Gowdy pressed how she received emails from virtually everyone and responded to them so quickly but how she continues to deny any emails from the late Ambassador Chris Stevens call for additional security. He also pressed on why and what info she was sending to Sidney Blumenthal (a former reporter and scumbag who worked for the Clinton foundation and Media Matters). The fact that she emailed a friend confidential and classified information at the time to a friend as Secretary of State in itself should be evidence to move to trial. She was also pressed on why she promoted the YouTube video to blame for the attack but in her email to her daughter the day of stated that it was the work of Al Qaeda terrorists.
     What got to me through all this was the witch's body language. She was uncomfortable the whole time, playing the victim card, and when she knew she was caught by unscripted questioning her shocked face said it all. Hillary had the face of a mafia boss the whole time, staring into the committee and thinking to herself I will end you. She thinks she is American royalty, how dare they ask me questions, how dare they talk down to their queen. The woman is a liar has always been a liar and will not accept responsibility for the death of the four Americans killed.
    What also was appalling was the fact that no matter what she said or did that all the democrats were in the tank for their queen. Bringing up excuse after excuse and trying best they could to make the hearings into a witch hunt. It is sad when leftist ignore and deny the truth just to make it a political point. The truth of how these four men were killed needs to be revealed. Hillary needs to be held accountable for what she did. She is not above the law, even though she thinks she is.
Finally what is sad is that the typical leftist moron and leftist celebrity will buy the leftist media's narrative that this is an attack on a poor innocent woman.

Hold her accountable for the crimes she has committed.

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