Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Seven years later Gitmo still open

    Obama's latest threat is now to veto the defense spending bill if the provision to close Gitmo isn't added. Adding to his disastrous track record from handling the Arab Spring, Benghazi, Syria, ISIS, Iran, the list goes on, now he wants to add Gitmo to his record.
    Here is some Gitmo facts that people are unaware of. Many people believe it or not think Gitmo is this some kind of hard labor, concentration camp. It's not. Gitmo is a holding facility for the worst of the worst terrorist we have seen in our lifetime. They can practice their religious beliefs, spend time outside, continue to plot and kill Americans in their little note books, etc. The cells are cleaner and sheets changed daily. It's more of a spa for terrorist who just can't go everywhere. We cater to their needs. While to me that is sickening it is better than the alternative, which is closing it. Closing it means two things either release many of the terrorist back or start civil trials which gives them a 50/50 chance to cut loose and continue on their terrorist campaigns.
     With Gitmo we also get intelligence on other suspected terrorist and terror cells throughout the world that have already thwarted some would be attacks. The interrogation is useful and the intel is more than useful.
      Yet with Obama he wants to close it and is now using the defense bill as leverage. Once again the U.S military is leverage for Obama's political goals. He has used the military as leverage time and time again to get his political agenda through. To use men and women who have accomplished more and have more balls than Obama and his staff thousands of times over is the true act of a coward. Thank you Obama for putting our country at further risk and once again spitting on the lives and graves of American heroes.

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