Friday, October 9, 2015

RINOS and Liberals fear Trump and Carson

    Recently the mainstream media outlets have had meltdown after meltdown because they can't control two of the conservative candidates Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.
     Trump who speaks his mind and never apologizes makes the liberal base angry due to the fact that he doesn't apologize and is hardly politically correct. The only thing liberals had going for them was to show RINO candidates the error of their ways, make them apologize, and then their polls would crash. Well these two aren't RINOs, don't apologize and never will.
      Carson has gone toe to toe recently on his pro life stance and anti radical Islam rhetoric and has argued with Whoopi Cushion Goldberg recently on the view. In every interview he shocks the mainstream liberal host by turning up the rhetoric and never backing down.
      I find it fun and refreshing that the mainstream news has met it's match and are being forced to cover two candidates who push the conservative narrative that makes news anchors cry and whine.

Never apologize for saving lives and putting America First.

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