Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Proof of Restraint


    The hate group #blacklivesmatter, Obama, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, the rest of the black panthers, the mainstream news media, and white college liberals will all like you to think that the evil police officer patrolling his or her beat is on the look out to take down some innocent black man or woman. That the officer will take any excuse to fire their gun to take down another black person.
    That narrative can now further be destroyed by these new facts coming out from the FBI. According to the FBI 48,315 officers were assaulted. What does that number mean to you and me? That means 48,315 police officers showed restraint of use of force. Officers choosing to bring down their suspects through sacrificing themselves to bring in the suspected criminal peacefully. Often the peaceful take down resulted in bruising and injuries for the arresting officer.
    Police officers across the nation are trained in restraint of use of force. Using deadly force to stop a criminal is the last act of self defense for an officer. Unfortunately though hate groups against police officers don't see it that way. They see the police as black killers because that has been the narrative used over and over since Michael Brown. That narrative has been imprinted on these people that they have to now kill cops. You have your government and the news media to blame for allowing that line of thinking to continue. The leftist media will never admit they were wrong and start praising cops for their restraint. So because of this their lies will continue and more brave police officers will be killed because of cowards like them.

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