Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oregon College Shooting

     We all know the mainstream news media has a gun control agenda against the law biding legal gun owners so I'm not going to waste my energy describing their twisting the story. So why does this keep happening?
      First off who does liberals blame? The NRA and why do they blame the NRA? Because it's a symbol of freedom they want gone and the liberals have done a great job of making it sound like a give away gun store chain. The TRUTH is the NRA promotes legal gun ownership, gun safety, and gun responsibility.
      Second almost always the perpetrator got his or her gun through illegal means. Meaning that no matter how much gun control legislation you throw they will still get the gun and do what they want to do.
      Third the school was a gun free zone with an unarmed security guard. So that makes it an extremely soft target for a shooting. That is why professors, teachers should be trained and armed.
      Fourth the media loves to immediately say its a white conservative guy. When in fact every mass shooter to date has been a liberal.
       The media will play this out like they always do and the whining and finger pointing on twitter will happen then it will all be forgotten.

Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

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