Sunday, October 11, 2015

Liberals fear Dr. Carson

     Seth Rogen and Trevor Noah (whoever he is) are the latest examples of liberal meltdown from celebrities. Recently Seth Rogen tweeted F you to Dr. Ben Carson.
     Now in the conservative world if we tweeted F you to any African American we would be branded a racist and burned at the stake by the liberal media and twitter libtards. However because it's from the greatest actor of our generation Seth Rogen (Sarcasm) he gets off scott free because he is a Hillary supporter and saying F you to an extremely successful and intelligent black man isn't racist to them.
    To regular more important people such as the rest of the country's population it is important. Seth Rogen is a racist hands down when it comes to that comment. Dr. Ben Carson scares the left because he is an intelligent black man who has come from poverty to neurosurgeon without government help. Dr. Ben Carson is an example of many of the African Americans out there who have broken away from the democratic plantation narrative and doesn't remain a slave to the democratic liberals who would prefer that all blacks continue to pick cotton.
    Liberals are fearful of Dr. Carson on his 2nd Amendment issues as well. He completely tears apart the hate group #blacklivesmatter narrative and gun control narrative by his support of law enforcement and gun owners. Trevor Noah the host of the Daily Show said off camera that Dr. Carson is right but obviously to a liberal show like the Daily Show he can't say the truth on Comedy Central.
     Lastly Dr. Carson never apologizes. Instead he forces the liberal media to bow down to the truth and force them to apologize or back down every chance he gets.

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