Friday, October 23, 2015

Katy Perry, tool for Hillary Clinton

     Like any good obedient leftist robot Katy Perry has thrown her support once again all in for the leftist candidate and will do anything they ask of her in order for them to win the presidency. Like Obama in 2012 using Katy Perry's fame and connection with the low information crowd, Hillary Clinton wants to do the same.

      Katy Perry has not only agreed to appear with Hillary and do a show at her campaign rally, but has also expressed interests and pitched to the Hillary Clinton campaign that she wants to write and perform the Hillary theme song as well. This would bring in many low information voters for Hillary because of their love for Katy Perry's music, and their love for ignorance. Using a pop star to sway voters works when your voters are incredibly ignorant to the events of politics and the world around them. 
      Katy Perry is also convinced the Benghazi hearings are a witch hunt. In her twitter feed she was glad the witch hunts were over and said she admired her unbreakable strength. Which mean't she was happy that Hillary continually lied through the whole hearing. Katy herself is an ignorant low information voter. She doesn't know the Benghazi story, probably did not watch the hearings, and couldn't name a single one of the four Americans killed.

     Katy Perry will happily do Hillary's bidding because one she is ignorant and two she is brainwashed to believe the leftist socialist ideals. Forget that Hillary lied over and over during the hearing, forget that Hillary admitted she broke the law, forget the classified emails over an unsecured private email. Hillary Clinton at the hearing wanted you to make sure your there for the Katy Perry concert. TMZ of all sites reported that Hillary during hearing breaks had Katy Perry on the brain. (link below)

Absolutely a sad state of affairs when you have an ignorant pop star rooting for a liar and criminal who admitted she broke the law. Incredibly sad that the lives of four REAL AMERICANS don't matter to Hillary Clinton. All Hillary wants to do is laugh, high five, and tell people Katy Perry will be at her party. 

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