Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jim Webb is a Hero, Politico Ken Vogel is a Sissy

      Senator Jim Webb answered a question on the debate last night in which he tells his story of valor that awarded him the Navy Cross during Vietnam. Now I understand that democrats are comprised of sissified, feminine,  cuckolds that call themselves men. So I wouldn't be surprised that one of them called his story creepy on twitter.
      The sissy of the week award goes to Ken Vogel who courageously typed out his tweet for the world to see while drinking his dangerous cup of hot coffee from Starbucks. Ken Vogel is a reminder of the cowardly pathetic type of man that the democrats want to turn all men into. The ones who instead of applauding a Vietnam veteran for his service, calls him creepy. Politico deserves a man who has been castrated like Ken Vogel.

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