Wednesday, October 28, 2015

January 2017

      Congress just passed an extremely fat crony spending bill. Why does this surprise anybody? The current administration is full of incompetent lawless morons, and congress with the exception of a few are full of spineless cowards. So again why would anything they do surprise you?
      What the American people have to do is try best they can to keep records of the lawlessness and stupidity in order for the next President and Congress to sort it out. Meaning a conservative victory in 2016. Obama will continue to tear away the constitution and congress will always be the little cowards as long as he is in power.
       So instead of being surprised at his lawlessness we need to be proactive and ensure that the next President is the complete opposite of Obama. Making sure that it is Trump, Carson, or Cruz. We need to kick the establishment to the curb if we want this to stop. Only these three candidates have the backbone to put an end to the stupidity.
      Make no mistake the left and the establishment will do it's very best to make sure an idiot like Jeb Bush wins the primary. So again we need to be proactive and counter every move they make. The more the RINOs, the left and Obama continue to practice it's lawlessness the more people's eyes are open and turn to conservatism for answers.

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