Sunday, October 25, 2015

Imagine a Trump/Carson/Cruz ticket

    Sit back and think about what this would mean for America. Donald Trump winning the primary with Dr. Ben Carson as his Vice President, and Senator Ted Cruz agrees to be the Attorney General. This is a doomsday scenario for the left and it can very well happen.
    With a Trump/Carson ticket they would never apologize for anything they said. Anyone who debated them would be absolutely toast, and they could rally this great Nation like never before. Lawlessness would come to a screeching halt with Cruz as AG. The hate group #blacklivesmatter would dismantle themselves, law enforcement could do their jobs again, the border would be secure, and all the leftist thugs would be rounded up and put on trial. People like Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, and of course Barack Obama for ignoring Federal Immigration laws.
    Now granted the leftist would have a meltdown and the media would be beside themselves with no hope and no direction, and celebrities would be heartbroken. This would be the best thing to happen to the American citizen. The American citizen would again be put first as top priority. The previous leftist government would be convicted of the crimes it has caused against the American people. This scenario can very well happen which is why we need to be vigilant and steadfast. Our time is coming and the lawlessness will end.

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