Monday, October 19, 2015

I donated to Trump... so whats the big deal?

          Liberals are all in a huff and puff because the Donald reported donations. Oh my God! Donald Trump takes donations?! What about the promise he made that he wouldn't take money from poor poor working families and other bull hockey?
         About seventy thousand (70,000 in case you wanted to see a number) donated because they wanted to. They didn't donate because they were asked to. I donated roughly one hundred dollars (that is this many 100, for the recent leftist college grads) because I wanted to. Donald Trump didn't break a promise or did he lie and cheat to get my one hundred dollars. I gladly gave it over and also got a Trump hat with my donations.

So once again the leftist are trying to make mountains out of virtually nothing again. They are so desperate to get rid of Trump they will do and say virtually anything.

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