Saturday, October 3, 2015

Gun Free Zones Don't Work

          These signs posted in business and educational establishments nationwide are like candy to a mentally disturbed or radical individual who wants to commit violence and harm to others. It is amazing that after a mass shooting law makers want to create more gun free zones and more rhetoric for gun control.
          The truth is that a gun free zone is a soft target and will always be one. A shooter says, "Hey I can kill whoever I want and no one will stop me with a gun because others obey the law.". The radicals and criminal minds will never obey the law. They will get a gun some how and some way through illegal means, they will go to a gun free zone and shoot who they please. Because the law doesn't matter to them.
          Businesses need to start taking these signs down and so do educational establishments. If you allow law bidding citizens who safely and respectfully carry their firearms (pistols not assault rifles) either in open carry or concealed then a shooter will think twice before committing a horrific act. If the shooter doesn't care about his life and decides to do it anyway then by a law biding citizen using force to take that murder down will save lives and we will have a body count of just the one who deserves it. Commonsense thinking saves lives. Legal gun owners aren't the problem in this country they are the solution.

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