Thursday, October 1, 2015

Further proof is for the mentally ill.

      Todd Nickerson from Salon wrote a piece sympathizing with pedophiles. Nickerson explained that they were virtuous people trapped in a sexual orientation that is linked to social stigma. That pedophiles are no different than a guy asking a girl out.
      No Todd, you are way off. Pedophiles prey on little girls and little boys. They strip them of their innocence and sexual abuse them corrupting their innocent minds forever. They are sick, perverted, mentally disturbed individuals who desire the sexual thrill of harming an innocent child.
      Todd has been attacked by various media outlets as he should be for this stupid piece of so called journalism from a website that has very low traffic. Todd though doubled down like an idiot far left nut job would and said that those media outlets were monsters and further defended the pedophiles.

Now in reality there should be no sympathy for these perverted pedophiles. If one was to harm a child they should be dragged out in the streets and shot so they can never do it again. A child is an innocent mind that can grow up to become great. If that mind is shattered with sexual abuse then that is a tragedy.

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