Thursday, October 15, 2015

Celebrity Worship

      I do not understand and never will understand the leftist mentality of celebrity worship. We see these elite celebrities with more money then sense in virtually every media outlet. The media uses them as pawns to promote their leftist agenda and they happily trot along like obedient little puppets. The latest example is the promotion of Hillary, Sanders, and the rest of the Hitler youth by these celebrities.
      Not only are celebrities infotainment they also make great stories to put in front of real news to cover up mistakes that are made daily by leftist politicians. Now if your a conservative celebrity you are treated with disrespect and mocked by the leftist media as being uneducated. The irony is it is the reverse. These celebrities are incredibly uneducated in the issues that are happening in the real world outside of Hollywood. They are uneducated on every single issue there is from climate change to gun control. Instead of educating themselves to have critical thinking skills to make up their own minds, they happily follow the leftist narrative and continue to corrupt young minds with their idiotic drivel.

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