Wednesday, October 21, 2015

All Hail King Ryan the Worst!


          Paul Ryan, wow what to say about this guy. Here's a guy (as John Madden would say) that used to be or supposedly used to be for the American people. Well him and Luis "Taco Salad" Gutierrez have recently teamed up to give the American citizen a huge middle finger. you remember Luis Taco Salad right? Gutierrez who went from making Taco Salads to Congress, Gutierrez who was seething mad at the mother who lost her son because he was murdered by a worthless illegal during the illegal immigration hearings.

         Yeah that idiot, we remember the moron. Anyway him and Ryan have teamed up to throw in everything they have to the illegal immigrant. Now again as I have said time and time again, illegals are illegal no matter what. They take the place of the legal immigrant trying to get into this country legally by cutting in front of the line and literally jumping the fence.

         Paul Ryan wants to double his efforts to support illegals by becoming the Speaker of the House. He wants the partisan politics to stop. As he puts it we need to stop the progress of the liberal Obama administration. My question is has Paul Ryan joined the Jim Jones cult? The left loves this lunatic and his henchman Luis "Taco Salad" Gutierrez because they love illegals. Ryan himself said that it is the job of congress to put themselves in the shoes of the illegal immigrant. Seriously??? Excuse me Paul but your job and that of Taco Salad is to put the American people first and uphold current Federal immigration laws.

        Paul Ryan needs to be taken down many pegs and put back in his place as a representative of the people or voted the hell out. He does not need to be speaker of the house. We need a true conservative and not a flaming RINO like this guy.

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