Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Campaign built on emotions and deception

          Democrats cannot and will never be able to win elections honestly. The reason being is due to the fact that in every issue conservative ideas always win. This is why democrats have to be deceptive and use the emotion of the low information voter.
          2012 we saw this happen right without any push back from the media. During the 2012 Presidential Debates Mitt Romney was lied to by CNN's Candy Crowley about Benghazi clearly scoring a victory for Barack Obama. Obama needed the deception of the leftist media to support him because by himself he was a total debate loser as everyone saw when Mitt Romney wiped the floor with him during the first Presidential Debate. That is just one example.
         With social media, the leftist media, and the low information crowd you can now say anything you want about a conservative. Of course the thing they would say is a lie and later apologize but to the ignorant idiot it doesn't matter. Once the low information voter hears it then it sticks in their head like a virus. Then the low information voter does the biding of the democratic plantation owner and continues to be a good little slave to government.
        Case in point to what happened in Iowa. Hillary Clinton cannot and will not win the election by being herself. No one with a brain likes her, everyone (again who has a brain) knows she lied, and if she debated Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, and especially Senator Ted Cruz she would be the biggest loser of any Presidential debate in history. So what must Clinton do to rally support?
        Hillary has to use a big name celebrity to push her agenda. In Iowa she used Katy Perry, now Perry as we all know has been used by the left many times to push their agenda before. She is also an ignorant low information voter with more money than brains. This has been proven time and time again. So by using Katy Perry for the Hillary campaign you bring all the ignorant low information Katy Perry fans to vote for you. Her music tugs on their emotional heart strings and they are almost indoctrinated by her music that Hillary is good and conservatives are evil.

Here is Katy with an ignorant low information voter holding Hillary's book that she plugged during the Benghazi hearings.

Her niece being indoctrinated that Hillary is a kind strong woman. Tugging at emotional heartstrings of the low information parent voters.

Finally the picture of them together showing the world that Katy Perry likes Hillary Clinton I should too! Forget the issues and things that are discussed that affect me and my family. I'm voting for Hillary because Katy is!

Katy herself is uneducated to the issues and what is really going on in this country because she is constantly surrounded by leftist, she has a net worth of one billion dollars, and has become mentally ill because of the leftist indoctrination she has allowed herself to be exposed of.

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