Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Soviets punched Obama in the face again

     Putin seems to love the Obama administration. I would love it too if I were him. The fact that I can flex my military might, and do what I want with my foreign policy without backlash from the United States is making Putin extremely happy. He understands that Obama and his cabinet are spineless cowards and he uses that to his advantage everyday. So Putin and Obama meet once again and Putin doesn't negotiate but tells Obama what he wants to do and Obama like the obedient little lap dog agrees without any pushback.
     Putin wants more control in the middle east with the Syria crisis and he says he will take care of ISIS with or without US support and made a coalition with Iran. Again making Obama look like the coward he truly is. I mean come on lets look at these two leaders. One has Soviet brutal KGB upbringings of strength and power and the other one smoked dope in Hawaii.

It's extremely easy to see who the stronger leader is here.

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