Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The So called Clock Bomb

       So Ahmed Mohamed took a clock he got at RadioShack and put it in a briefcase. Let's look at this from different points of view. The school looking at Ahmed that one he is Muslim, two he has what looks to be a suspicious looking device. I'd rather be safe then sorry. Now the outrage is because he is Muslim he was checked. Of course he is going to be checked! When 99 percent of terrorism happening around the world is due to radical Islam I really could care less about your feelings.
       Now let us look at this from a commonsense non better safe than sorry view point. Many IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) do not use a timing device to initiate detonation. That is way to Hollywood. There are much easier less time consuming (forgive the pun) to detonate a device more effectively. Also when we look in the case we find NO EXPLOSIVES. I know we live in a fear mongering society but any idiot can see there were no explosives in the case and just a big display panel for the clock with it's circuit board. So blame is equally to both parties. Do not make a suspicious looking device. If you have someone look at it make sure they know what they are looking at before screaming BOMB!

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