Saturday, September 5, 2015

The New York Times doesn't like Australia

   Apparently because Australia has from what the NY Times quotes as "Brutal immigration policies" the paper takes it upon itself to warn Europe not to be like the vicious Australians.
  If your a low information voter and just finished watching the VMAs then let me give you a quick synopsis of the European migrant problem.  Immigrants mostly from countries where ISIS reigns and war rages like Syria, Iraq. And other nations mostly from North Africa like Tunisia, Libya, etc are risking life and limb to come to Europe thinking that the liberal free minded Europeans will welcome them with open arms.
  Now Australia has the right idea. They actually enforce their immigration laws and have successfully celebrated recently a year without any migrant boats coming to their shores. Not only that they actually do background checks and process their LEGAL immigrants into Australian society.....hmmm wow what a novel concept.
   Leftist at the NY Times (or what I like to call the NY Slime thanks to the Great one Mark Levin) want us and Europe to think that turning away any immigrant is evil and we should welcome all with open arms. Here is what really happens when you do something like that.
   Your country doesn't become your country anymore, your culture becomes their culture, they seem to have more rights than you do as a legal citizen, and lastly you don't know who your letting in so any terrorist organization can just waltz on in. Such as the case in the United States where illegals commit criminal acts on citizens the same has and will continue to happen in Europe unless the European countries adopt strict sensible immigration policies.
   For a sensible immigration policy we look to Australia because they do these simple things that the United States and all of Europe need to adopt. Number one turn back migrant boats, number two accept applications from immigrants who desire citizenship and conduct background checks, criminal records, and affiliations. Number three all immigrants need to be assimilated into their country of choice laws, history, and culture. If you want to be a citizen then you have to adhere to the laws and customs of the new country you want to live in.
   Australia has done this beautifully and with commonsense policies. The leftist here in the United States thinks it's of course barbaric and inhuman. I expect nothing less from the New York Slime and applaud the Australian immigration system. I only hope that Europe and the United States can either fix theirs or adopt something similar to stop the illegal crisis happening on both sides of the planet.

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